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The brave young maiden, the pure Snow White, was saved by seven, from a terrible plight,
Tho' the seven brave lives had gone untold, until now, until here, where their stories unfold!

Long before they saved Snow White, the seven little men, who are brothers, lived an extraordinary life of battles and wonder.    

In the back-end of time, two scrolls were created― one for the lands and one for the skies. Those written words hold all worldly mysteries; they reveal all secrets. With those words, eternal domination can be had. And She who wrote them, hid them. Because the greatest evil seeks them. Ultimately, it is the fate of the seven little men to save the scrolls.  

Their world is vastly beautiful and terrifically deadly. In the bewitched land within The Reach, there are goodly dragon-elves, the evilest of witches, ogres, monsters and unknown kingdoms. It is a world of evil castles holding deadly spirits. Where demons ride lightning and mountains can move. Where blood-trolls lurk deep in the ground. And below them...still deeper terrors lie. 

Beginning with their parents being saved by the dragon-elves from certain death, the story flows through the boys birth into their early lives. Unknown to the family are villainous, and unearthly beings, that not only need something the family has, but want the boys dead.

And there is a prophecy. That 'the seven shall save all.' A prophecy ordained at the beginning of time. 

The thrust of the series is one of family survival and loyalty. And ultimately, this is about characters known and loved by all, but whose tales have never been told. Until now!  

The story grows with each book, as their tale doesn't end with the princess whose skin is as white as snow. 

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